CalHFA works with dozens of partner lending institutions.

CalHFA works with dozens of partner lending institutions.


The California Housing Finance Agency is promoting 40 years of partnering, preserving & promoting housing opportunities for homeowners in the State of California. They have made changes which take effect on Dec 1 2015.

  • CALHFA FHA & Grant Loan programs have reduced credit score requirements
  • CALPLUS FHA developed programs to assist helping pay for down payments on Home Loan Purchases


The single family division helps provide low interest rates for moderate home buyers in California. They also provide programs to assist in loan forms, interest rate guidelines, income & sales price limits to increase home buyers knowledge before home ownership for residents in the State of California.


Real Estate Agents are the first point of contact for California residences in purchasing new homes & CALHFA recognizes their importance to home buying. Real Estate Agents have to go through a process before they can be registered to offer assistance in home buying. Direct lenders & Brokers have to go through a similar process before they can offer Loan programs in California. CALHFA (California Housing Finance Agency) is located at 500 Capitol Mall, ste.400 Sacramento, CA 95814.


One of the most important benefits that CALHFA offers for home buyers is the access to down payment programs. Non-profits and localities are the most important providers of the down payment assistance programs. CALHFA FHA is always eager to make additional partnerships with local agencies, as they can help give additional help in providing home buyers make better informed choices about the best loan options and what down payments programs are available currently.


Some of the Programs offered by CALHFA:

  • CALPLUS Conventional Loan program
  • CALPLUS Conventional Loan program with zero interest for down payment assistance
  • CALPLUS FHA Loan program
  • CALPLUS FHA Loan program with zero interest for down payment assistance
  • Cal-EEM + Grant program for Energy Efficient Homes


Qualified program providers for all CALHFA FHA loan programs have access to program Compliance Tools to: Income & Sales price Limits, Federally Designated Target Areas & High Cost Areas, Citizen Requirement Checklists, program Manuals & Loan Scenario Calculators. It is always best to work with a Qualified real Estate Agent, Lender or Broker.



Overnight Delivery Address:

California Housing Finance Agency
Single Family Lender Services– MS 340
500 Capitol Mall, Ste. 400
Sacramento, CA  95814